Process for Technology Purchases

Technology purchases should be done in coordination with the IT department and must be initialed by the Director of Technology. The business office will bounce back any technology based POs that do not include IT authorization in the Tech/Maint. approval box on District purchase orders. 
The purpose of this is:
  • To provide the business office with a checks and balance on the cost of technology purchases
  • To ensure that items being ordered fit the purpose for which they are meant.
  • Give IT the opportunity to expand and provide alternatives to your product or idea. We might save money or be able to get you more features at the same price. 
  • To ensure the items are compatible with existing or planned systems. 
If you have a project that you need to purchase equipment for you can get started by opening a ticket and/or meeting with the IT tech assigned to your building. That will get the ball rolling. Once the PO is filled out and signed it can be sent over to the IT office at SHS for IT approval before being sent to the business office for final approval and ordering.