Copier Scanning How-To


Some copiers in the district are equipped with card readers that will read your door access card (Prox Card). You can identify these copiers if they have this symbol on them ->

These copiers will allow you to swipe your Prox Card and log into the system to email yourself scanned copies or even upload to your Google Drive.
The copiers still make copies and do printing without using the Prox Cards just as they have always done. (The lone exception is the copier in the hall outside the Superintendent’s office. Because this is technically shared space with people in the building after hours you need to swipe your card to copy.)
For your first use you need to register your card with the system.

Registering your Prox Card

The system does not obviously show you when you are logged in from the main screen. Just to make it more apparent when you are registering your card, push the Scan and Send button on the Copiers screen. This should prompt you to swipe your card.
Place your Prox Card  over the sensor icon  on the copier.
The copier will tell you that your card is unknown, and that you need to register your card. Touch each field and fill in your Active Directory username and password. This is the same as your Gmail, or PowerSchool login (without If successful you will see the Scan and Send screen, if not it will prompt you again for your username and password.

Sending a Scan to Yourself


Once you have logged in you will see the below screen. Click on “Send to Myself”, load your papers as you would to copy and push the “Start” button. Your copies will be sent to you in a PDF format in your email.
When you are done, remember to logout. You can either swipe your card again, push the “Logout” icon on the screen in the lower left, or push the Logout button on the copier. Your login will time out after one minute of inactivity.

Scan Directly to Google Drive


Our copiers are so smart they can scan directly to Google Drive. Unfortunately they are dumb enough that we can’t make them understand that we use the same username and password for Google Drive as we do for Active Directory. You will need to fill in your username and password one more time.
While you are logged in with your Prox Card, click on the Google Docs icon from the main screen.
You will need to reenter your username and password, this time with added to your username.  At the bottom of the screen be sure to check the “Save Login Information” box before hitting the login icon on screen.

You may or may not see a pop up window with “Encrypted Transmission…” blah, blah, blah, in it as in the picture at left. If you do you can safely click on the “Yes” icon to proceed.

You should next see the screen at left. Click on “My Folder”. This will put you into your Google Drive Directory. From there you find the folder you wish to put your scan into and save it directly to Google Drive.
If you need a one on one tutorial on using these feature you can submit a ticket to the IT department to schedule a time to review with one of our technicians. 
Step by step printable instructions are available here.