My (Computer, Tablet, Laptop, Other Technology) Needs To Be Replaced

When it comes to replacing IT equipment, the IT Department can only make a recommendation to do a replacement of equipment. We do not do equipment assignment and do not fund replacement equipment. All funding is out of your department's budget at the Department Head's/Principal's/Director's discretion. 
Our recommendations come in two flavors.
  1. A device needs parts or to be replaced in the future at the next budget cycle.
  2. A device needs parts or to be replaced now to be functional. 

    * Please note that these things are often dependant on the current budgetary state of the department/school/district. Sometimes even critical items won't get fixed right away.
Our recommendations are logged in our ticketing system, a copy of which is emailed to you. Once you get a recommendation you need to speak to your direct supervisor to get the ball rolling.