What is a "ticketing system"?

A ticketing system is used to track communications with a certain department, it this case IT. Any IT related questions, project requests, needs, or troubles should be entered into our ticketing system at http://support.ssdvt.org or send an email to: 
support@ssdvt.org- District Support
shs-support@ssdvt.org- High School
rms-support@ssdvt.org- Middle School
union-support@ssdvt.org- Union St School
elm-support@ssdvt.org- Elm Hill School
powerschool-support@ssdvt.org- Issues pertaining to PowerSchool. 

This allows us to keep track of every concern submitted and perhaps get you a quicker response. Email to a specific person is a good way to get your concern lost or create large delays in getting back to you.