How do I use Onelogin?

Think of Onelogin as a bookmark page with the bonus of it being able to log you into most websites automatically and quickly. This is available for both Students and Staff. 
Logging In
If you are logging in from a computer within one of the Districts 5 buildings and the computer you are on is joined to our server domain, you will be automatically logged in to Onelogin by simply going to If you are outside of the district and try to access that link it will want you to login. However; if you are in one of the buildings and try to access from a computer that is not connected to our server domain (or you logged in under 'Guest') you will only get a white page. You can get around that by going to the "backdoor" link at: and log in manually with the same username and password you use to get into Gmail (without the 
Once you are logged in, you will be given a page with a variety of tiles called 'Apps'. These are the links that you click on to take you to your desired page. These are currently broken up into tabs, one called Springfield School District and one called Personal Apps.
There are three basic kinds of apps or links:
  • A few of these are links only (no ability to log into the site they link to). 
  • Many are preconfigured with your username and password to log you in right away. 
  • Some will require you to login with a username and password once and it will then remember your login information for the future. 
Not all apps may be applicable to you. 
In order for Onelogin to work well, you must have a browser extension installed in the web browser you are using. You can find more on browser extensions for Onelogin in this knowledge base article.
Apps That Require Your Own Username/Password
Some sites are not integrated with our Active Directory password system and have their own passwords. You will need to enter your own username and passwords for those sites. Examples are the IT Support site, Subfinder, and SchoolReach. 
If you were to click on Subfinder it will prompt you for your Subfinder site username and password: 

Entering those and clicking on "Continue" will take you to Subfinder and log you in. In the future when you click on Subfinder it will take you there and log you in automatically.

Personal Apps
All of the login Apps under the Springfield School District tab are pre selected and managed.
Onelogin however has thousands of websites in it's database that you can add and store your login information safely. Perhaps you have a Netflix account that you use at school that you would like easily available for you. In the upper right corner there is the "New App" icon.
You can then type the name of the site you are looking for into the Find Applications search box or browse for it by clicking the links below it. It is far easier to search for the site by name then to browse to it. If you can't find the site you want listed, we may be able to create a custom app for it. Open a ticket for more information. 
You then fill in your login information and password for that website. Leave the other settings alone Click on the "Save" button and it will create your App under the Personal App tab on the Onelogin portal website. 
You can add as many apps as you like. You can request assistance if you have any trouble via the ticketing system.